What A Life Vision Means & The Importance Of Having One

There's a question that I'd like you to answer for yourself today, and it's something that will make the difference between you consciously moving through life in the driver's seat versus you allowing life to happen to you.

What is the compass that guides you forward in your life?

Just take a moment to really consider that question and go into your heart center to feel what is truly guiding you.

Many times we get swept away in the busyness of our day to day that we don't really pay attention to the trajectory of our lives. And before we know it, we can be thrown completely off course and end up in a place that we don't even recognize or want to be.

That's why this question around your life compass is so important because without one, you never know where you're gonna end up.

So in today's episode of the podcast, I'm talking all about what a life vision means and how this will support you in finding the right direction on your path. When you can paint a picture for yourself of what you want your future to look like, then you can use that as your compass to guide your daily actions as well as your major decisions. And it'll give you much more clarity and confidence in how you show up in your power no matter what happens in life.

I also go further into how you can shape your life vision using the natural elements of earth, air, fire, and water to infuse this vision with your knowledge, motivation, and experience so that it will be the most aligned vision you can create. 

Plus, you'll find a confidence boosting meditation and journaling session in this episode to help you in knowing that you have the power to get to where you truly want to be in life. To listen to the full episode, just click the link below.


 Wanna jump ahead to a specific point in the podcast? Here are the time stamps for this episode:

 0:43 Sound clearing

1:12 Importance of a life vision

3:24 Life is within your power to shape

3:56 What a life vision means

7:36 Using the power of the elemental energies to shape your vision

11:29 Life visions will shift

13:41 Meditation to claim where you want to go

22:57 Journaling session

Journaling prompts available in this episode:

1. How am I no longer willing to settle in my life?

2. Where do I see myself headed in the future?

3. How will I honor my future self by creating a vision for my life now?



Rather read than listen?

Here’s the transcript of our chat from the podcast, in case you wanna curl up with a cuppa and just read through it.

Transcript for the chat: 

Soul-Led Living Podcast

Episode #6: What A Life Vision Means & The Importance Of Having One



Hey, sweet friend, welcome to our space here today. Thank you so much for joining me once again. So today, we're gonna be talking about why you need a vision for your life, and how you can actually start developing that. 



So first of all, before we get started are going to clear our space with some sound healing energy. Just to put us in a more positive state of focus and being before we go into our conversation, so I'm going to ring our bell here. (bell rings three times)



Alright, so let's talk about having a life vision for yourself. And I'm not just talking about creating a vision board, and putting a nice collage together for yourself, that looks pretty, I'm talking about something much more than that much more energetically connected to you. That is empowering for you to have a direction and a sense of knowing where you are being guided so so that you can start actually manifesting this into your reality, when you are actually going through your life. 



Without having a clear vision of where you're headed. It's almost like you're going on a trip, without knowing where you're going, you have no roadmap, no destination, no reservations or plans, right. So you're not going to really know where you'll end up, you're just kind of headed out there, and totally winging it, and just hoping for the best, right but but our lives are just way too precious to not have some kind of direction that we're being guided in. And the truth is that we are always being guided. We have a higher self. We have guidance that is available to us. And we just need to allow ourselves to tap into that to give ourselves some sense of direction. 



That's not to say that the whole map is going to be laid out for us. But we can give ourselves some clarity to align our paths with where we're meant to end up. And so we can go with the flow of life, we can practice surrendering when we need to, and allowing things to transpire. But we need to be aware of our own power here, of our own capability in creating our reality. 



Because life doesn't happen TO you. It happens FROM you. You establish the reality that you live in. And once you wake up to that fact, you are really going to increase the ability to grow and expand into the life that feels completely abundant, and nourishing for you and fulfilling, completely aligned to who you are. 



You have that power. But you've been giving that power away to the outside world. And now it's time to reclaim that as you create a vision for yourself that guides you. So what do we mean by a life vision? Well, it's the concept, the picture that you have for your future self, for what you want to eventually step into the life that feels most ideal as you see yourself from your current perspective, because you will shift and change as you go through your journey. 



So how do you see it right now? That future version of the life that you would absolutely love to be living that calls to your heart that speaks to your desires? What does that look like for you and what does it feel like for you most importantly? 



And just know that it's okay for it to evolve. It will evolve and change as you yourself do as well. But have a starting point of this concept for your life, paint a picture for yourself, feel into it. So just as if you're going on a trip, you can imagine yourself, going to Bali, spending the days on the beach relaxing. You can envision yourself taking that trip to Europe, seeing all the sights, going to the Eiffel Tower, right? You are immersing yourself in that experience as you visualize it and plan for it.



That's what I want you to do here. And I want you to include every aspect of your life, because it's not just one thing. It's not just your business or your relationships or your finances. It's not just individual pieces. It's the whole balanced concept here that we're looking at. The entire pie is not just one piece of it. We need to see the the entire thing come together. Just as if you were planning an entire trip for yourself, what are the activities that you're going to do? Where will you stay? What will you eat? All of the things come together to create the full experience. 



And we want to create the full experience of the life that you're meant to be living. Bringing this life vision together to include every aspect of your life and how it will make you feel. Because that's part of planning the trip is the excitement that you feel for where you choose to go. It's a totally different feeling going to Bali and being on the beach versus having a sightseeing trip in Europe. A completely different feeling and experience. 



And the same is true for your life. So you need to come back to those feelings in order to paint that picture for yourself. Because that is the starting point. That's what lies underneath. But creating this vision is going to give you a direction to head in. So you can start bringing things into fruition in your life. Or you can clear out some of the things that aren't really serving you well, okay? Because there's no sense in keeping things around if they aren't working for you and they aren't part of that vision that you actually want to create. 



So you need to step into your power here in order to do this. Stop giving that power away and start claiming it. And I want to invite you to think about the elemental energies here. Because we are natural beings. We are part of this universe and everything flows together. I want to invite you to think about how you are embodying those natural energies of earth, air, fire and water as you create this vision. Because you need all of these energies to bring this together for yourself. 



You can tap into the air element by bringing in your inner wisdom and the knowledge of who you are, where you've been all the experiences that you've already had, how those have worked for you, and how they haven't worked for you. All of the things that you've already known and understood and experienced. Bring those in as you start developing this concept for your life. 



You can use the water element here to tap into your higher self and future self, and really go within to understand how you really want to intuitively feel in your life. What is intuitively calling you to you and inspiring you? And how can you lean into those as you develop this vision. 



And the earth element allows you to actually make your ideas more tangible, to understand what it will look like in real life to have what you want. Make it tangible for yourself create that picture. What does it look like? What does it feel like? What does it sound like? Bring your senses into it to make it clear so that you can actually see what it would take to actually create that vision. 



And then you bring the fire element into it stepping into your masculine to create some structure around how you can would actually implement that vision, right? Maybe setting up some goals for yourself. And getting out there and actually taking steps to create that vision, right. 



So we're bringing all of the elements together here so that you can step into your power and own the reality that you are meant to have. Now, that doesn't mean that this is completely set in stone here, right? There's got to be flow to life, you've got to lean into different cycles of being.



But having this life vision, it will allow you to have more flow. You have a trajectory. You know where you want to end up. And it's not like you're just getting taken away by the current. So when things happen in life, it's okay to just observe them and just allow them to happen but to not be swept away by them because you have clarity and strength in where you are. So you're not swayed by everything that is moving around you. You're flowing with it and observing it. 



But you also have strength in knowing where you're headed. And it's okay if that changes. Once again, remember that you are growing and shifting as you experience life. And so your vision will shift along with you. And that's okay. But you need to have some kind of guiding light, and you have it within you. All you need to do is start tapping into it. 



Use that water element. Connect with your higher self to identify more of what is in your heart, what are those true desires that are really fueling you inspiring you creating passion within you. And use that to create this concept for life. Once you do that, life is gonna just open up to you. You're gonna have much more synchronicity, that's giving you opportunities to allow these pieces to fall into place. Things that will shift to allow you to take this journey to where you want to be. 



But it doesn't happen until you create that concept for yourself until you say okay, this is where I'm headed now. Now I can put the pieces together, now I can look for the tickets to get me there. Now I can find the hotel that will make me feel comfortable and at ease. Now I can piece together those activities that are going to make me enjoy my time and help me experience things to the fullest. This is the beauty of a life vision, the beauty of clarity and the beauty of giving yourself the power to shape your reality and allow the pieces to fit into that puzzle, however they may. 



Okay, my love. Let's take some time now to settle into our meditation and really connect in with this concept that you are being guided to the place that you're meant to be. You can fully step into this journey through your own power that you hold. You are strong and capable. 

(meditation and journaling available for download within the podcast audio)

Enjoy the rest of your day, sweet friend. Sending you lots of love.


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