How To Tell If You're On The Right Path

How to tell if you’re on the right path_Soul Led Path


There are so many times in life when we question ourselves. 

We question decisions we're making, like whether or not to go with an idea or to say "yes" to something. Maybe it's about how things will work out if we choose a certain direction. Or we could even be questioning our own capabilities and whether we're enough.

It's SO easy to go into your head and question things over and over again. And that can really leave you wondering whether you're headed in the right direction at all. Whether you're on the right path in your life to get you to where you want to be, if you even know where that is.

So how do you know what's right?

How do you make a decision and get over the stress of "what if" it doesn't work out?

Well, it all comes back to knowing yourself. In order to truly have the confidence in your decisions, your capabilities, and the actions that you take in your life, you've gotta first have a strong knowing about who you really are.

So in this podcast episode, I talk about how you can start doing the inner work necessary to get to know yourself better and figure out what you truly value, believe, and even what you want to feel in your life.

The hard part isn't actually making the decisions to move you forward. The hardest part is doing the inner work to understand WHY you're making those decisions and how they're leading you on the right path to begin with.

So join me as I delve further into this important work of understanding yourself by listening to the podcast below. Plus, halfway through, there'll be a short meditation and journaling session for you to actually start putting this into practice and getting more clarity around your path.

Sending you lots of good energy to open your awareness and stand in your truth. 


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Soul-Led Living Podcast Episode 4: How To Tell If You're On The Right Path



Welcome to our space here today. I'm so thankful to have you here with me. And today, we are going to be talking about how to tell if you're on the right path in your life. This is a tricky one. And something that we really continuously ask ourselves, you know, as we move through different cycles in our lives, get to different points where we have grown and changed, and we're taking different directions and wondering if we're on the right path. 



And it's really something that makes us second guess ourselves. It puts us into our heads a lot. And we just need a minute to step back and regroup and assess whether we feel like we are aligned in where we are headed. 



So before we get started, in this discussion today, I want to just clear our space with our sound clearing bell. I'm going to just take a minute and ring our bell and allow us to just come back to our center for a moment and just breathe while you regroup. So here we go. (bell rings)



Okay, so back to our discussion now. We have a moment to come back to center. So think about this in your own life for a second, if you're feeling this now. Or if you've ever felt like this in the past, that you just didn't know, if you were headed in the right direction. Like the path in front of you is unclear. And you're just not sure which way to go. Which ideas to follow, what choices to make. Which way to live your life, maybe you've had some really hard decisions to make. Maybe you've been presented with different ideas or different opportunities in your life. And it could be that you were just really unsure of the best course of action. Or maybe you had so many different ideas of things you wanted to do. And you just didn't know which one was the right way to go. 



It leaves us spinning in different directions and trying to maybe do all the things at once, or testing out a little bit of everything. And it's just putting us in a place where we are all in our heads. We're thinking about all the different outcomes, all the different possibilities, and the what ifs and the pros and the cons and you know, the strengths and the weaknesses of each different way to go and what would work and what wouldn't work, maybe what works for other people and how they have seen success and how we could possibly see success too. 



So we need to come back to ourselves for a minute. When we're feeling like this, come back to our heart centers. And can you drop out of your head for a minute, right? Because our minds, they can play so many tricks on us when we tell ourselves certain things. We see other people doing things, and we have shiny objects syndrome where something looks good here and something looks good over there. But let's just come back to our heart centers for a second and check in. 



You know, I've found through so many different experiences in my life when I felt like I was spinning, when I felt confused and uncertain that I actually felt the best about where I was headed when I came back to knowing who I was. Who I was at that moment in my life and who I authentically I am.



When I quit my job several years ago, as a project manager, I left the Air Force. And then I was doing project management for a while. And I decided that that path just did not feel right to me. But I didn't know what else was in front of me, I had no idea what else I was going to do. But I knew that that direction didn't feel like my authentic self. It just didn't feel like where I wanted to be in my life or what I wanted my life to look like. And I knew that because I tapped into my heart center. 



I was listening to my gut, right, that inner voice telling me, this is not the right path for you. There's something different. There's a different way of being that makes more sense for who you are, and how you should be living your life. So I trusted that. 



I started to kind of figure out who I was more because I didn't know the right steps. After that, I really didn't. I knew I wanted to do something creative or inspirational. And I wanted to be my own boss, and all of those kinds of things. So I was still testing things. But all I could see was the next step right in front of me, which was just to quit my job at that point, basically, and to start a new venture. Something more creative, but I didn't know what that was gonna lead to. I had no idea. Because the path in front of me was still totally covered, you know, in the trees for me, and I couldn't see what was through the trees to see the other side. But that was okay. 



Because when I checked in with myself, it felt true to me to make that decision, to quit my job at that point in time. It felt like I was staying in my truth and valuing myself enough to know that that path was going to lead me somewhere that I didn't want to be. 



So no matter if it's just a small choice, or you're making a really big shift in your life, how do you know if that's going to lead you on the right path to where you should be where you want to be? 



Come back to your inner voice. Come back to who you authentically are. And this might take some work for you to get to know yourself better. 



So what does that mean getting to know yourself better to be able to tell? Well, it means understanding your values, and your priorities, and what you believe in. Those things that are at your core, that make you who you are at a soul level. 



What do you truly hold as valuable in your life, the beliefs that you hold in your heart to be valuable? Maybe to show up in your truth, speaking your truth in the world, maybe it means to advocate for other people, or for animals and plants and the natural world. Maybe it means to teach others and support them in their growth, right. So what do you value in your life? 



What are the things that drive you come back to those things? And what are your priorities in this cycle of your life right now? What are the things that you hold most valuable to you? In the sense that you want them in your day to day life. You want them to be part of your lifestyle. Your mind, body and spirit and the way you show up your physical well being. Maybe how you consciously choose to take actions in your life, right? 



What are the priorities, the boundaries that you're setting, who you choose to spend your time with? How you choose to care for yourself, the goals that you have that align with your heart. These are all the themes that come from knowing yourself better. And when you know yourself better, then you can see that you are on the right path for you. 



It doesn't matter if you can't see the end points to where you are headed, where you are going, and that finish line at the end. That's okay. But you need to follow that inner knowing of your truth, to decide if the path that you're on right now in that next step, and the next step after that is the one that feels most aligned for you. That feels like it connects with your values and your priorities and your beliefs. And how you want to feel in your life. That's what you check in with, to make your decision. 


You can also connect with your higher self, the point of your energy sits outside of yourself. That is your truest and most authentic and best version of your energy. It is connected with a universe and all that is. That energy is within you, surrounding you, and outside of you, because you are bigger than yourself here on this earth. 



You are much bigger than this physical being. So you can connect and tap into that higher energy and ask for guidance. And allow yourself to be open enough to receive that guidance, to hear it, to feel it to visualize it, to know it, whatever, whatever works for you. But to give yourself moments that you tap into that higher energy, and you listen to the guidance that it is trying to offer you. 



You don't have to be clairvoyant or or cognizant, or any of those things, to be receptive and to be open to anything that the universe is trying to tell you right through synchronicities in your life, or through little opportunities that it's sending you. That can be little signs for you to say, hey, point your focus in this direction. Maybe you should look here and see how that fits for you. 



Come back to yourself. Think about who you are on a soul level with your beliefs and your values and how you can stand in that truth and make the best decision going forward that aligns with that. 



Now, I want to say something here about the decisions that we make. Because a lot of times we look back at decisions, and we have regret. And we may feel a sense of disappointment in ourselves. If we felt that we made the wrong decision. But sweet friend, you cannot make the wrong decision ever, you cannot ever make the wrong decision. 



Whatever you choose to do in the moment, is a decision that you make out of the knowing that you have at that point in your life, and the growth work that you've done up to that point to get you to where you are at that point. So you have as much capability in that moment as you can to make the best decision for yourself. 



So there's no bad decision that you can possibly make in any moment, because you're choosing what's right for you at any given time on your path to get you to the next step. To get you to the next thing that will open your eyes a little bit more, that will enable you to learn a new lesson that will give you a change that shifts your perspective. And it will open up even more to you to open up the next level of your path or open up the next stepping stone. 



So there is no wrong decision you can make. If you take a detour, that's okay. Maybe you're meant to be on that detour for a little while and then come back to a path that feels more aligned, but you can always learn something. No matter what you choose. You will always grow no matter what you choose and no matter what path you're on.



Every experience, every interaction, every situation gives us something to learn. And we in turn can also be a teacher in that experience. So don't feel like you have to make the right choice, you will make exactly the right choice for you in that moment. And you don't have to worry about the rest. It will fall into place for your soul's progression. 



Don't worry about how long it takes. Don't worry about whether it will make you successful or not. Just choose based on your inner knowing and choose based on knowing yourself, knowing your heart, and what it feels like to you. That will put you on the right path. Okay?



You just have to trust and let go of the idea that you can make the wrong decision. You can't make the wrong decision. Whatever you choose is right for you. 



All right, so I want you to do some work here around getting to know yourself better. Get to know what you really value and what your priorities are. And really start thinking about what makes you happy. If you don't know, then it's okay to try things out. But just start doing the work to understand yourself a little bit better. 



By knowing things that you don't like and you don't want, that gets you a little bit closer to knowing what you do, okay, so just start working on that. Also try to connect more with your higher self. With that point of your energy that's outside of you that's more expansive, and at a higher level of consciousness, and connected deeply to your past your present and your future. And to the universal energy that is a part of you. 



You can tap into it right now, wherever you are, for more guidance, and more understanding of who you are, as your best self, that's going to open you up to more insight on your path as well. 



So don't worry so much about where you are and where you're headed. Just feel into it. And know that it will unfold. You don't have to see the endpoint. You only need to see the next step in front of you and to feel into it as best you can. 



Alright, sweet friend, we're gonna head into our meditation now. If you don't have the opportunity to meditate right now, that's okay. You can take some quiet moments to just listen to my voice. And maybe you can just visualize this in your mind. It's okay if you're doing something else. But see if you can just take some mindful moments to follow along with us wherever you are. 



If you are in a place where you can close your eyes and come into center, then really focus your intention right now on how you can receive this inner guidance. How you can open yourself up and be more willing to receive downloads from your higher self or from the universe. Just take a few deep breaths in.



Hold at the top of the breath and release. And in. Hold at the top of the breath and release.



Just close your eyes here if you're able. Focus on any sensations in your body any tingles, twitches or tickling sensations. Any aches or pains. Focus on them now and send them energy to warm and soothe them so that you can release those now and bring your focus right to the center of your eyebrows. 



Calm the rest of your body. Bring warm energy throughout your whole being and focus on the soothing point right in the center of your eyebrows. 



This is your third eye chakra. The point where you can connect your intuition and your higher guidance. Imagine that there is a crystal placed right in the center at your third eye point. A beautiful purple amethyst, shimmering, glowing brightly with purple light right in between your eyebrows. And the light is pulsing out further and further. It's soothing your whole body calming it with this beautiful purple glow. 



Now focus on that crystal, and invite your higher self to connect with that energy at your third eye point. Ask for guidance along your path ahead so that you may see clearly and know what direction is right for you. Ask your higher self to connect in any way that brings you insights now.



The best way for you to see, to understand, to know, to sense. Allow that crystal's energy to open up and shine brightly so that you may receive guidance now.



What do you see in your mind's eye? What do you feel right now? Are there any sensations in your body? Is your mind drawn to something in particular?



Breathe into whatever arises for you and accept it with an open heart and an open mind. Allow your third eye point to expand and that amethyst energy to grow even further as you let more insight flow into your being.



Your higher self is here to support you and connect you more deeply with the path that you are meant to live. Your higher self is you. It is part of you now, and you are capable of stepping into that higher level of being.



All you need to do now is open yourself up to the guidance that's available to you. Feel into it. Honor it as a part of yourself. Rise up to meet that higher level of being that you know you are capable of achieving. Allow your energy to transcend everything going on in your life now and just step into a point of knowing and trusting that you will take the next right step. 



Now imagine a beautiful golden pathway opening up right in front of you you can see it stretching out further and further into the distance, beckoning you to move forward along the shimmering golden path.



You feel confident in doing that. You feel supported from above, with your higher self surrounding you and within you. And you trust that this path is right for you. 



So you place your palms together and bring them to heart center. And thank this higher guidance for showing up to support you and opening up this pathway in front of you. 



You know that you are being led on a path that's true for you. On a path that feels aligned and that will allow you to expand into a higher level of being. You gratefully take that first step onto the golden path and you look up the sky smiling to yourself and saying thank you.



Place your hands on your heart center. Breathe deeply here. Take all of this energy into your being. You're ready now to move forward with strength and confidence knowing that you are supported, and you have guidance.



You start to feel your body right where it is again. You feel the sensations in your hands and your feet. You begin to wiggle your fingers and toes and shake out your shoulders and your neck, moving it from side to side. And you just take another big deep breath in and out. And when you're ready, open your eyes.



Okay, sweet friend. I hope you enjoyed that meditation and that it really gave you a little bit of knowing. Whatever messages that you needed to hear or feel or experience right now. Or maybe if you didn't quite get anything yet, just allow yourself to be open to any signs or possibilities going forward in the next few days. 



Because now you've set the intention that you are willing to receive any insights, and you are grateful for the guidance of your higher self. So just be open to whatever is shared with you over the coming days. And jot anything down that you feel like you want to remember from this experience, or moving forward, okay? 



So let's really anchor into this as we go into our journaling prompts for today. Now, if you have a paper and pen or you have somewhere to type, then go ahead and get that now. Or if you'd like to just sit and contemplate these questions as we go through them, you can do that as well.



We really want to try and cultivate a practice here, of going within and taking the time for reflection and getting to know yourself because this is really how you're going to elevate and expand in your life. You're going to be able to know yourself better and clear out all those shadows and bring them to light so that you can shift into a better perspective in your life, better mindset, and take more confident actions moving forward. 



So if you are able then go ahead and do this journaling practice with us now. Here's your first prompt:



Where do I intuitively feel led in this cycle of my life? Just take a few moments to really contemplate that and jot down anything that you'd like.



Okay, now for your second prompt:



How can I show up with an open heart and mind to let the universe guide me? 



And your last prompt:



In what ways can I continue to check in with myself to ensure I feel aligned with what I'm doing? 



Okay, sweet friend. As we wrap up today, let's just be mindful of those intentions that we set at the beginning of this episode, where we talked about connecting deeper to yourself and getting to know yourself more to really anchor in your values, your priorities, and the truth of who you are. 



And then also to connect with your higher self energy, so that you may receive that guidance going forward, knowing that you are taking the next right step for you. Letting go of all the other judgments and expectations and everything else, because you are going to make exactly the right decision and choose exactly the right next step. 



Alright, so I want to remind you that I do have a free video series and a journaling book to guide you in creating a Sunday routine that allows you to come back to center to take some mindful moments to get to know yourself to understand more of who you are and to nurture that inner self and to also prepare you for the week ahead so that you are growing and expanding as you move forward. 



If you would like to have that free video series and journaling book, then you can go to and you can get all that you need right there to create a special ritual for you to align with your inner self and to feel like you're moving forward on that right path for you. 



I'm sending you so much good energy as you move forward today and continue throughout the rest of your day with appreciation for right where you are. Lots of love. I'll see you soon. 




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