Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

No matter where you are in your life right now, there’s most likely at least one thing that you want to change. The way our lives look right now is usually pretty different from our ideal life. 

But why are we stuck where we are then if we have an idea of something better? Many times it’s just a matter of not knowing how to get from point A to point B with the specific steps that get you there. Not to mention that a lot of the time, we’ve also go some mindsets and limiting beliefs lurking under the surface preventing us from actually going through with those steps.

So how do we actually figure out how to get the life that we truly want? Well, in this podcast, I talk about how to do a bit of a life audit to see exactly where you’re at now, how to get clearer about what the ideal really looks like for you, and how to close that gap incrementally.


If you’re ready to finally move closer to a life that feels really fulfilling, then it’s time to make things more tangible and see how you can truly make that happen.

Just click the button below to listen to the full episode along with the short meditation and journaling session to help you connect with your future self and receive the guidance that you need right now to move forward.

Wanna jump ahead to a specific point in the podcast? Here are the time stamps for this episode:

0:26 Sound space clearing

2:00 Looking at where you are now

3:30 Life bucket exercise

5:45 Making where you want to be more tangible 

6:28 Closing the gap

7:38 Shifting our energy to be a match

9:04 Your ideal life vision changes

10:03 Opening up your awareness

11:46 Meditation to connect with your future self

21:25 Journaling session

30:33 Wrap up and honoring where you are


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Here’s the complete transcript for the podcast, just in case you wanna curl up with a cup of tea and read through it instead.



Hey sweet friend, welcome back to our space here. Today, we're going to be talking about how to get you from where you are now in your life to where you actually want to be. This is a big topic, but we're going to dive in and get you the right frame of mind in order for you to move forward. So first of all, let's start by clearing out our space here with a little sound energy. So I'm going to ring our bell (bell rings three times).



How are you spending your days and your time overall? Is it fulfilling and supportive for you and for the people around you? 



So let's just take a look at that right now and kind of feel into it. Because if you're not happy with what your life looks like, now, then some things definitely need to change. And that's okay. You know, no matter where you are on the spectrum, if you're loving life right now, or if you really think everything is just upside down and needs to change, that's okay. Because you are on a journey, right? This is a pathway that we are taking, and there's really no definitive endpoint ever, okay? Let's be honest, here.



We continually move forward in our lives in order to develop more consciousness, more awareness, to expand our souls in each experience and in each situation. And we do that more and more through each opportunity that we are given.



So there's no reason for you to feel like you're not getting ahead fast enough to to some kind of endpoint because this is a constant process of renewal and growth, and just testing things out to see how they can support your expanded version of yourself in each moment.



But we want to take a look at where you are right now in your life because the present moment truly is all there is. At this time, we have this moment.



So how are you feeling right now about your life. And a lot of the times I do an exercise with my coaching clients, where we look at our life buckets, and we kind of decide how full is your bucket in each area of your life. Maybe in family and relationships or in your career, your job, your passions, your spirituality, all of the things. Your health and wellness. 



So all the different aspects of your life. Take a look at them, and you can actually rate them for yourself because it helps our minds to make things more tangible, to make them more real for us. So give it a number right from one to ten, with ten being the most amazing thing ever. 



How would you rate those areas of your life right now? And really feel into it and go with it intuitively rather than just thinking through it and overthinking it as we tend to do



Really just feel into what that one area of your life look like in terms of the emotions that it conjures up for you when you think about it. Does it make your chest tight? Or does it feel really expansive and supportive and soul honoring? And what number does that feel like for you? Does it feel like a seven does it feel like an eight?



Maybe you're lower on the spectrum right now for yourself and maybe that area of your life like health and wellness could feel like a three right now. Because you know you really need to work on feeling better, eating better, being more conscious about how you spend your days being physically active, or any number of things, right? 



So think about how that area makes you feel, and what is the number that you would associate with it? It doesn't have to be what anybody else would associate with it. But what would you place that area of your life and right now, at what level?



And then you can start to look at where you want to be. So if you're all the way down at a three, and you want to be up at a seven, well, what does that seven look like and feel like? What would it feel like to be at a seven in health and wellness? Or in achieving your career goals? Or, you know, whatever it is for you for whichever bucket you're looking at?



What would that feel like and look like? Make it tangible. Make it real for yourself. Give yourself that vision so that you can actually wrap your head around how to get there right from where you are now. 



How are you going to get from that three to the seven?  Because if you can't even imagine it and envision it, you don't even know what that seven looks like, how are you going to get there? You've got to give yourself something to work with so that you know, okay, I can take these steps to get me there. 



If a seven looks like I am eating healthy fruits and vegetables every single day, I'm cooking four times a week at home, I am going for a walk every single morning, if that's what a seven looks like for you, and you know you're at a three right now, you're nowhere near that. Well, now you know the steps that you need to take to get up to that level. And you can incrementally start working yourself up to that level.



Because it's not just going to happen overnight, you're not just immediately going to go from a three to a seven, right? We put so much pressure on ourselves to immediately make changes in our lives. But things happen gradually, and we have to lean into it. 



And once we set our intentions, that universal energy needs to make some shifts in order to allow that new abundance to occur in our lives in order to shift things around and bring those good things to us as we start taking action and putting that energy out ourselves so that we can be a match for it. It doesn't happen instantaneously.



But you've got to see the vision first. That's why I really liked this exercise because it makes things so much more tangible instead of saying, "God, I wish I was more fit in my life. God, I wish I had more clients in my business. I really wish that I could just write that best selling book. I wish that I had all of this time for self care and meditation and journaling."



What does it actually look like for you? And how can you close that gap? So it's all about making it tangible, feeling the feelings that it would give you to create that in your life, and slowly giving yourself the space to close in that gap. And letting go of the pressure on yourself telling yourself that it's okay to be right where you are in your life right now. Because there is not an endpoint. 



That perfect ten is going to evolve and change for you. It's not going to be a set vision that's always going to be the same as you grow and shift and change along your journey. That ten is going to look different to you as well. It's going to expand and become a bigger version because you will be a bigger version of yourself. 



So I don't want you to feel like "God, I just need to get to that ten and then I can be okay. My life will be amazing and perfect." 



That ten is going to continue shifting as well, but we do want to get you to a place where you feel like you are in a positive energy for most of the time, right? You're in a positive state of consciousness to show up in your life so that you can make more decisions that are aligned with your best self. 



When you are stuck in lower energies, feeling frustrated and not liking where you're at in your life, then you don't give yourself the awareness to be able to align with a better state of being. 



So you've got to shift yourself out of that a bit. And that's why we want to get you up to those higher levels of numbers here so that you can open up your awareness and have more opportunities for that continued growth. 



It's not the endpoint that we're looking at here. It's not a perfect ten. It's the possibility of allowing yourself to be in that higher level of energy on a more consistent basis, in whatever way that looks for you and however that shifts in time through your personal growth experience. 



Okay, so I hope this is making sense for you today, I want you to really start where you are and to get a sense of what that looks and feels like compared to where you want to be. And really making it tangible for yourself here to allow you to see if there is a gap. 



When we bring this to our awareness, we can start making real change. It's when we cover things up that we just stay stagnant right where we are and nothing really moves forward. No growth actually happens. So you want to open that up and really see what it looks like for you to get to that better way of being in each of these areas of your life.



Okay, my love. So, we're gonna really anchor this idea of your future self and where you are now into this meditation so that you can gain any insights you need in order to close that gap and move forward. 



If you're able to close your eyes, just go ahead and do so now and get comfortable here. Breathing normally resting your hands lightly on your knees are in your lap.



And just follow the breath in, being aware of how it rises your belly and falls on the outbreath. Be conscious of your body here. How each piece of your body feels from the tips of your toes all the way to the crown of your head. 



Imagine that you are stepping up outside of your physical body here. Allowing your soul to go outside of your body and go on a journey. It's rising up and walking forward. And the universal energy is shining down upon you as you begin walking forward, surrounding you in brilliant white light warming you as you move forward and you begin to see something ahead of you. A picture that's coming into your focus now. And you begin to recognize yourself, but it is your future self. 



And you can see now that your future self is living out a day doing exactly what you want to be doing and feeling exactly how you want to be feeling. So as you watch this seen in front of you, what does it look like to you? Where are you? Who are you with? What activities are you doing? How do you feel in this moment?



Now imagine that your future self recognizes you here and comes up to you smiling saying that she has a gift for you. A message for you to know now.



Allow your future self to convey that message to you. Let it just sink into your awareness. Now, imagine that she's giving you this message, and you are receiving it fully. Your whole being is filled with universal light streaming down from the sky now as you receive this message, and it's expanding out from you connecting you with your future self and expanding out into the whole space around you.



You are now connected to your inner knowing and empowered to move forward with this message from your future self and your higher self. 



You feel a sense of lightness and strength in this moment and you know you can take the next steps that are right for you in order to move closer to this future vision. 



So you thank your future self for this guidance, and you feel so much gratitude now for this universal energy connecting you with this vision. You hold the hands of your future self giving appreciation for all that has transpired, and you release them now knowing it's time to move back to your present self. You smile as you turn away and gradually start walking back to your present body.



Slowly start to feel where you are now. Coming back into yourself. You feel the tingles of your arms and your legs. The energy running through your body. And you feel a sense of calm and gentleness right where you are. 



So just breathe here for a moment and feel into this energy. Be present. Hear the sounds around you. Feel the ground or cushions beneath you wherever you may be sitting. Allow yourself to put a gentle smile on your face now as you remember the message from your future self. Take one last big breath in here and out, and when you're ready, open your eyes. 



Okay, my sweet friend. I hope you enjoyed that meditation. So now we're just going to do our journaling prompts. I've got four prompts for you today. And as always, if you don't have the capability to write in your journal right now, you can use this as a contemplative meditation where you just reflect on the questions that I'm giving you here and just take some moments of stillness to really feel into them and consider what ever may be coming up. You can always come back to them at a later time to jot down any ideas, but if you're ready go ahead and get out your journal and pen or somewhere to type and let's get started.



So for our first prompt today, it is:



How can I appreciate where I am in my life now while still planning for the future?



I'll give you a few moments to consider this.



Okay, for our second prompt:



What does a happy and fulfilling future look like to me? 



For our third prompt:



What steps can I take now to get me closer to my future vision that feels most expansive?



And for our last prompt for today:



What does my future self want me to know right now as I move forward?



Okay, sweet friend, let's wrap up for today. And just come back to knowing that you are exactly where you need to be right now. To learn the lessons you need to learn. To connect with whatever will help you grow and expand at this point in your life. And just know that you are constantly expanding. 



So whatever future vision that you have, that you want to achieve, it will continue to broaden and to allow you to become a higher version and a higher version than that so that you can continue spreading love and positivity in the world. And living in the meaningful purpose that only you can bring to this world, no matter what you feel that that is right now and going forward. 



So I want you to just connect with the energy that you're in right now and know that it is okay to be here, right where you are. Know that it is okay however long it takes you to move forward to where you want to be. It's all in your time. 



All right, my love. If you want to create more clarity for yourself, give yourself the space to really go within and to work on your goals on a consistent basis to help you close that gap from where you are to where you want to be, then I've got a 5-day video challenge that'll help you to create a solid Sunday routine. It'll give you the space you need every single week to bring you back to center and feel like you are moving forward in some way shape or form in your life. 



So if you want to create that space to truly make progress in your life and feel like you're doing it in a soul centered way, then check out my 5-day video challenge to create a meaningful Sunday routine. You can find it at, and it's free and available for you right now.



Thank you for sharing this space with me today. And I can't wait to meet you back here again. Lots of love. Have a beautiful rest of your day.


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